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What’s happening with the Town budget?

I’ve had a few people speak to me about the proposed 2022 budget with a 5% increase as well as a special tax of almost 1%.
Council does not create the budget, certainly not in the 42 days we’ve been in office.
The administration makes the budget factoring a lot of different things.
The administration then presents it to Council with a recommendation they approve it because ONLY Council can approve the budget.
Council then dives into it debating what stays, what goes and what might be added.
This time around, Council unanimously approved Councillor Scott Richardson‘s motion to consider an interim budget to give more time to looking at the proposed budget.
Both my previous terms on Council, council elected to do an interim budget.
As Council works its way through the budget, I’ll do my best to keep you informed on what is happening.

We will be looking at debating, and potentially passing an interim budget Monday, Dec. 13.

As always, views expressed in my post speak for me alone and not others on Council or administration.

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