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Welcome To The Revised Website

A long time ago a resident made a joke on a local social media page about how fast I get back to people’s question with answers.

Taking a play on my last name and the search engine Google, the resident called me DAFOOGLE.

I thought it was funny. Residents thought it was funny. I bought the domain and made a silly little website called Dafoogle.com where you could get the phone numbers of all the Town’s restaurants, links to email Town departments directly with your issues, and my occasional commentary on decisions Council has made on everything from cannabis legislation to recycling changes.

Taking a play off the Wizard of Oz, the movie Zardoz, and Marlon Brando’s portrayal of Jor-El in Superman the Movie, I created the image for Dafoogle that you see to the left.

I thought it was funny. Many of you thought it was funny. But a few of my colleagues didn’t like it, the site and apparently my willingness to be quick to respond to Morinville resident concerns with timely and factual information.

So I decided to take the old site down and build a new one where the “BRANDING” is perhaps more acceptable to those fellow elected officials who had an issue with it.

I’ll use this new site to do what I promised to do in the last two elections – communicate with you about what you need to know.

I was elected by you. I work for you. I am accountable to you.


Disclaimer: Views Expressed On This Website Are Purely Those Of Councillor Stephen Dafoe.

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