Vision & Record

As you look at campaign platforms you will see a lot of vision that may or may not match voting records. Below is my vision for the community as it sits right now, and what my personal and council record is on those items. 

Vision 1 – Support Existing Businesses During Tough Times

Record – Successfully froze storm water rates at the previous year’s level.

Record – Successfully froze the split-mill rate at last year’s level.

Record – Regularly talk to local businesses on request or while shopping.

Record – Opposed this year’s tax increase.

Record – Strong advocate of shopping local.

Record – Did not attend this year’s Festival Breakfast as the caterer was not local. I had breakfast at a local restaurant instead. 

Vision 2 – Promote shopping local

Record – Regularly seen in Morinville’s shops and restaurants.

Record – Regularly promotes local businesses on and offline.

Record – Creating Shop In Morinville Online Directory for Morinville Chamber.

Vision 3 – Encourage new businesses to come to town or expand

Record – Regularly promoted the efforts of the Economic Development Program.

Record – Supported the Storefront Improvement Program. 

Record – Motion to update outdated and restrictive Coeur de Morinville Area Structure Plan.

Vision 4 – Fiscal Responsibility – Guarding Your Tax Dollars

Record – Successfully passed a motion to have financial reports delivered to Council monthly as opposed to quarterly. This will give Council better line of site on where budget to actuals are at and allow for questions and learning along the way.

Record – Opposed new recreation amenities that doubled in price.

Record – Opposed $28,000 gift to Edmonton International Airport.

Record – Challenged and sometimes opposed additional staffing requests.

Record – Regularly challenged Administration to trim budget fluff.

Record – Treated every $3000 spent by the Town as someone’s tax bill.

Record – Regularly challenged Admin to justify the use of consultants.

Record – Helped successfully negotiate $500K more funding for recreation from Sturgeon County.

Record – Advocate for more funding from County for our fire department.

Record – Made motion to role back Council wages 5% at start of pandemic. That motion failed 3-4.

Vision 5 – Community Safety

Record – Volunteered with Citizens on Patrol – now defunct.

Record – Advocated and fought for curb extensions on 100 Avenue.

Record – Advocated for traffic lights at 100 Street and Grandin. (motion failed). 

Record – Brought in first term policy that photo radar revenue had to be for safety, That policy is still in effect.

Record – Brought in policy that photo radar had to be 25% in school zones.

Record – Advocated for the continuation of solar trail lights.

Record – Advocated for more proactive Peace Officer work.

Record – Advocated for barriers at Leisure centre (HWY 2 and East Boundary).

Vision 6 – Improving Transparency

Record – Fought hard to get resident concerns on the table.

Record – Advocated for Admin briefings to be open to the public.

Record – Advocated for better info and video messaging to residents.

Record – Regularly communicated with residents on Council decisions online, not just during the months leading to an election.

Record – Opposed some closed session items, but always questioned any closed session item that I did not clearly understand what specific section of FOIP law it fell under. 

Record – Successfully got CAO and Council Dialogue removed from agenda as standing items when Procedural Bylaw revised. 

Vision 7 – City Status Vs Town Vs Specialized Municipality

Record – Anticipating in the first term that Morinville would hit a population of 10,000, I successfully passed a motion in my first term for an administrative report on the pros and cons of staying a town, becoming a city, or looking into a specialized municipality. 

Record – Have remained open in all conversations on the topic to use objectivity and weigh benefits and losses on any decision about Morinville’s future status. 

Vision 8- Regional Cooperation & Leadership

Record – Built strong relationships with many of the region’s elected officials

Record – Served on 54-member Northern Lights Library System Board for six years, including two as chair.

Record – Served on 6-member Roseridge Landfill Commission for six years, including four as chair. 

Record – Served on Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board Solid Waste Collaborative as chair and as the only elected official to be appointed to the board. 

Record – Served on joint Morinville / Sturgeon County committee on Rec Centre.

Record – Served on ICF committee to negotiate a tripling of rec funding from the County