The following testimonials offer the perspective of people who are supporting me returning to Council Chambers for a third term. 

I am grateful for the support I have received from fellow residents these past eight years, and I’ll be posting more testimonials, including video testimonials as the campaign unfolds. 

Integrity - Dedication - Communication - Service

Stephen Dafoe has served the people of this community with integrity and dedication for many years.

Through his business, Stephen Dafoe has brought us the news. He has brought us public events. He has brought us films for our children to watch.

For the last eight years, he has also given us his time and efforts in municipal government. He serves on the Roseridge Landfill Commission and has served on, and for a time lead, the Northern Lights Library board.

Stephen set the bar for Council communication with community members via easy accessibility on social media, including, and particularly on, hot topic issues some would be inclined to avoid. Other Councillors have emulated that behaviour and this is good, but Stephen Dafoe led that change through example.

Integrity. Dedication. Communication. Service.

Those four words are why I will vote for Stephen Dafoe on October 18th.

Thomas Kirsop
Resident, Parent, Business Owner

Always Closes The Loop

Why am I going to vote for Stephen Dafoe? Because of his commitment and willingness to listen and represent the town of Morinville residents even in the face of verbal attacks from local press and social media. I will vote for Stephen Dafoe because of his communication skills – He always listens, asks the hard questions and ALWAYS, ALWAYS closes the loop.

He says what he means, and he means what he says, and you may not always like it. He is honest and has integrity. Why will I vote for Stephen Dafoe? – Because of his common sense – this is so apparent when watching council meetings online. Often emotions rise to the surface, but his skill brings everyone back to the actual issue at hand, and he quietly states the common sense side. These are skills that I admire and respect.

I will vote for Stephen Dafoe

Linda Lyons Morinville Resident

Genuine Leadership Listens

I brought safety concerns for a walkway to the town but was given false feedback. Stephen took the time to listen to my concerns and brought my questions forward in a way that made people think and listen. That’s what a genuine leader does. They listen, they empower, and they take action.

Rachel Reis, Morinville Resident

Taking Care Of The Community's Interests

You have done an outstanding job taking care of our town and acting in the best interest of us citizens. Whether it’s the popular decision or not.

Roni Hanson, Morinville Resident

Upstanding & Outspoken

It has always been my pleasure to support Morinville’s most upstanding and outspoken councillor! Four more years. Four more years!

Matt (Mexico) Baty, Morinville Resident

Real and Relevant

I like your platform. It’s real and relevant. Feel free to put a sign on my house and office lawn.

Gord Putnam, Morinville Resident and Business Owner

A Heart To Serve

Stephen is both honest and honourable. He’s straightforward and direct while at the same time demonstrating humility, care, and respect. That’s a blend necessary in every great leader. I value Stephen’s bold vision and approach because he’s not in it for himself. He has a heart to serve, and he’ll do that both personally and collectively. He sees the individual as much as he does the community. He’s the right man for the job and I’ll vote for him every time.

Peter Visscher
Morinville Resident & Pastor at The Father’s House


Tenacity and Hard Work

I will cast a vote for Dafoe because I believe he will work hard for the residents and truly treat my dollars like his own. His tenacity and hard work has been proven through the past term and I look forward to seeing him work hard for another 4!

Sheldon Fingler
Morinville Resident and Business Owner

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