Real and Relevant

I like your platform. It’s real and relevant. Feel free to put a sign on my house and office lawn.

Gord Putnam, Morinville Resident and Business Owner

A Heart To Serve

Stephen is both honest and honourable. He’s straightforward and direct while at the same time demonstrating humility, care, and respect. That’s a blend necessary in every great leader. I value Stephen’s bold vision and approach because he’s not in it for himself. He has a heart to serve, and he’ll do that both personally and collectively. He sees the individual as much as he does the community. He’s the right man for the job and I’ll vote for him every time.

Peter Visscher
Morinville Resident & Pastor at The Father’s House


Tenacity and Hard Work

I will cast a vote for Dafoe because I believe he will work hard for the residents and truly treat my dollars like his own. His tenacity and hard work has been proven through the past term and I look forward to seeing him work hard for another 4!

Sheldon Fingler
Morinville Resident and Business Owner

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