Restaurant Numbers

A running gag in Morinville is that I know all the restaurant numbers in town. I don’t, but I’ve looked up my fair share of them for people asking on social media.

Below are the phone numbers to Morinville’s many restaurants and fast food places for when I am not around to answer your questions about them.

780-939-4785 A&W

780-939-4445 Amanda’s Pizza

780-939-9800 Basil’s

780-572-5545 Bistro di Madre Piccola

780-939-2205 Coach’s Corner

780-939-7550 Dairy Queen

780-939-7714 Dominos Pizza

780-490-8701 Espresso Barn

780-939-2650 Golden Szechuan

780-266-5282 Higher Grounds

780-939-7189 KFC

888-424-4622 McDonald’s

780-572-3330 Morinville Pizza

780-939-4455 Morinville Subway

866-310-0001 Panago

780-572-4900 Pizza Hut

780-939-6955 Rednex Bar & Grill Ltd.

780-939-5666 Sal’s Famous Donairs & Pizza

780-572-5100 The Morinville Grill

780-572-5555 The Station Restaurant and Bakery

780-939-4452 Tim Horton’s