My Promise To You

Having served the residents of Morinville as a member of Morinville Town Council since 2013, I have been consistent in stating my promise to you is threefold.


The role of councillor cannot be effectively performed without complete commitment to the work that needs to be done.

It’s not about attending all the meetings, although that is essential, too. It’s being prepared for those meetings by reading the agenda packages, asking clarifying questions, researching Town Bylaws and past decisions, reading news articles to get the back history of past decisions and seeking input from the public.

Commitment is also spending time attending community events, visiting local businesses, and spending time in town looking at our neighbourhoods.

It is important to commit to answering resident concerns by email and on social media – not just for the six months during the election, but throughout the whole of the four-year council term.

I pledge to continue to do all of these things because anything less is not the 100% commitment the role needs.


As a resident, you have a right to have your questions answered and to be kept informed about the decisions council makes.

The Town staff do an admirabe job of posting information on social media and on the TVs throughout Town-owned buildings. Communication has increased considerably; however, I’ve always taken it as a councillor responsibility to keep residents informed on my social media channels and the various community pages, and in conversation with you in the grocery stores and coffee shops.

I will continue to keep you informed through my third term. I will continue to answer your questions, bring forward your ideas, and keep you up to date on the decisions council makes and is asked to decide on.

Common Sense

Common sense isn’t about always making the popular decision. For every yes or no vote, there are likely half of our residents who would disagree.

At the council table, common sense means getting the facts and using sound judgement to make practical decisions for the community.

Common sense is making ALL decisions based on a purely logical analysis of the information, including input from residents, devoid of personal feeling or emotion, and devoid of any allegiance to inside or outside influences.

It means being prepared to be the only councillor to vote for or against a motion if that perspective is in your view the best decision for the community.

I will continue to vote with facts and info and not emotions in all decisions I am privelleged to vote on.