Policies and Platform

Being a part of this community for more than 15 years has made me want to continue to serve this community for another four years as we navigate through tough times.

What I Believe

What follows are some of the key things that I would advocate for or continue to advocate for in my third term. This list is in no way a complete list. More items will be added as the campaign unfolds. 


Over the last 15 years that I have lived here, the community has grown. I feel we have lost some of the sense of community that was here a decade and a half ago. We must make this an important part of the work of the next term. When residents feel a part of the community, all other aspects of life become easier: volunteerism, community engagement and support for our businesses.

Value for tax dollars

I opposed this year's tax increase. While it is true Morinville has a revenue problem, I believe it also has a spending problem. With reserves depleted and provincial dollars decreasing, the next council will need to take a hard look at staffing, spending, and how many projects it wants to take on. We cannot continue to raise rates and taxes year over year without doing a deep dive into spending.

City Status?

With our last census putting Morinville over the 10,000 number, we can apply for city status. Knowing this milestone would arrive soon, I requested in my first term a report on the pros and cons of staying a town, becoming a city, or even becoming a specialized municipality with a neighbouring community. I will advocate for weighing all of our options before we make a decision on status.


Morinville has made great strides over the past two years in communicating more effectively with our residents. Communication has been a top priority for me through two council terms and will continue to top my list over the next four. Residents must always be kept informed.

Business Development

Council does not decide what businesses open in town. Quite simply, those with dollars to invest will invest those dollars in businesses they think will return a profit. But that does not mean that Council cannot develop policies that make Morinville attractive to a variety of good job creators.

using my one vote

With each Council decision, you have one vote and that vote is the people's vote. I will continue to cast my vote based on information, input, debate, and sound judgement as to what will benefit the community. That vote will always be cast logically and never as an emotional response.

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