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Nov. 23 meeting update on Notices of Motion

On Nov. 23 I brought forward six separate Notices of Motion to address things I and others had heard during the campaign. Below are the six motions and how they ended up.

2 – Nov. 23 – That Council direct administration to come back to Council before budget deliberations with a report on and options to address vehicles parking in or too close to crosswalks, corners and neighbourhood entrances.

My goal with this motion was to have a conversation on proactive enforcement in problem areas more so than other potential solutions. In my view and the views of people who have sent photos or expressed concerns, there are too many residents parking on corners or too close (even in) crosswalks. If we are all about pedestrian safety, this issue needs to be part of it. The motion passed 7-0.

3 – Nov. 23 – That Council direct administration to include traffic lights at Grandin and 100 Avenue as a 2022 capital project for consideration and/or direction.

Candidates heard loud and clear this is an issue people want dealt with and so it passed 7-0. This will be presented in the 2022 budget talks, broken down into various components, including design and installation. Councillor Balanko raised a separate motion to reach out to the Transporation Minister to meet with Council on the light. A few of us had spoken to her Chief of Staff at the recent AUMA conference. That also passe unanimously.

4 – Nov. 23 – That Council direct Administration to return to Council at budget deliberations with some rough costings on addressing road and sidewalk drainage issues in the older neighbourhoods in town.

Over the years, some roads in town have been built up with pavement to the point that they are level with the sidewalk. This results in melting snow creating icy sidewalks. The motion passed 7-0 and I was pleased to learn that Admin already has started working on ways to address this issue over the coming years through both the capital plan and the operation plan. The CAO and I have visited two residents over the past couple of years who had these issues.

5 – Nov. 23 – That Council direct administration to return to Council with a report on the original and current plan for a second exit out of South Glens and rough costs for an unpaved second exit.

The question of a second exit from South Glens has come up many times over the years, but this formally puts the topic on the table for discussion. The motion passed 7-0 and a report will come back to a committee of the whole meeting in the New Year so Council can understand the background and discuss the matter.

6 – Nov. 23 – That Council directs the Agenda Review Committee to add resident concerns update to the standing list of items for Committee of the Whole meetings.

Passed 7-0. This used to be a part of Committee of the Whole meetings but was removed for a couple of reasons. I’m pleased that it will now come back. It is an opportunity for Council and the public to hear the types of issues that are working and not working in the community and how we are addressing those matters.

7 – Nov. 23 – That Council direct administration to return to Council with potential schedule and costs for Council to do a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or similar personality profile for Council as a proactive measure to help Council better understand each other and work together this term.

Passed 7-0 – this will be an opportunity to better understand each other’s way of thinking and avoid creating a divided or dysfunctional council. Councillor Anhelliger amended the motion to include the CAO, and that too passed unanimously.

As always, the views expressed in this post are mine alone and do not speak for Council as a whole. 

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