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My March expenses

Each month, Council must submit their billables to the Town. We are paid a base honorarium for meetings and local functions and are also paid per diems and mileage for some of our out of town and other commitments.

In the period between February 16 and Mar. 15, I have claimed an additional $350 in per diems plus $19.50 in mileage.

That is made up of $300 for my 11 hours spent at Northern Lights Library System’s quarterly board meeting Mar. 2, and $50 for our ICF Committee meeting Mar. 11. I also billed mileage for my trip to Bon Accord for our Roseridge meeting Mar. 14. Roseridge pays board members an honorarium for the meetings. As chair, I receive $125 direct from Roseridge. NLLS pays board members mileage for travel to Elk Point for their quarterly meetings. In my case, that is roughly $214. In total, I received $708.50 above my base honorarium from the Town, NLLS and Roseridge.

I spent 55 hours in total on Council business this reporting period, not including time answering stuff on social media or in the public.

Below is a breakdown of those 55 hours. bolded items are items compensated beyond our base honorarium:

Feb. 26 Resident concern .5 hour
Feb. 26 NLLS rep library .5 hour
Feb. 26 Council meeting 5 hours
Feb. 27 Sod turning 1.5 hours
Feb. 28 Festival meeting 3 hours
Mar. 1 French Heritage event 1 hour
Mar. 1 French Heritage Event 2 hours
Mar. 2 NLLS board meeting 11 hours – $300
Mar. 4 Organizing Roseridge 1 hour
Mar. 5 Roseridge strat plan .5 hour
Mar. 5 Resident no show .5 hour
Mar. 5 Admin briefing 2 hours
Mar. 9 MFAGA Brag night 4 hours
Mar. 11 ICF with County 2 hours – $50
Mar. 12 EMRB/Council/COW 5.5 hours
Mar. 14 Roseridge 3 hours? Mileage $19.50
Mar. 15 Roseridge business .5 hours
March meeting prep, agendas, email 12 hours

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