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My comments on snow and ice control policy review

The following was a response I made to a comment on the Town of Morinville’s Snow and Ice policy on Morinville Online’s Facebook page.

I requested the snow and ice policy to be brought to Council for some review for a few reasons:

1/ to bring newcomers to Council up to speed on what the existing policy is.

2/ to have an opportunity to address some points of confusion in the existing policy.

3/ to review policy as policy must be reviewed periodically.

4/ to put on the table whether or not council may wish to make changes based on the likelihood that we are in for harsher winters.

From the article you reference (previous MorinvilleNews.com article on snow and ice policy review)

“It’s timely and I think it can hopefully put us on a better path for next year because I don’t think this weird snow and ice is a one-off,” Dafoe said. “I think we’re in for this kind of weather for the long haul.”

Committee of the Whole is not a format where Council can make decisions.

Admin’s presentation was to provide the policy and some thoughts Admin has for changes, and to accept some input from what Council and residents have offered as changes.

It was accepted for information, and the policy will return to Council for debate and decision later this spring.

Presently, the snow and ice policy is an administrative policy.

When it comes back to council for debate and changes, it will likely become a council policy that will be reviewed on an annual basis.

With respect to climate change, I can tell you that Council’s strategic plan does speak to climate change. That plan has stemmed from a lot of time and work to set this council’s priorities for the term and it should be coming to Council in the near future for final approval and sharing with the public.

Strategic plans, once approved are used as guiding documents to plan municipal direction, budgets and business plans.

A few weeks back Council approved an additional $75,000 in funding for snow and ice removal to provide funding for snow clearing in November and December of 2022.

So with respect to the 2022 budget, Council has approved an increase already.

Additional budget increases for snow removal, if they come as a result of our snow and ice policy discussion and revisions, would factor into the 2023 budget for January to December 2023.

As always comments in this reply are my comments and do not speak for anyone else on Council.

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