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March 12 Council Meeting Preview

Council meets for our first regular meeting of the month on Mar. 12 at 4 p.m.

On the agenda for this meeting is the following:

1/ The Morinville RCMP will deliver their 3rd quarter report to Council, outlining the number and types of calls they have made over the previous 3 months.

I always find these informative, and it gives us the opportunity to connect with the Detachment.

2/ Council will receive our own 4th quarter report, which includes finances, economic development, programming, fire calls, peace officer calls, and photo enforcement stats.

This provides us with a snapshot of how we are doing in several areas and allows Council to ask questions on the same.

3/ We will also receive a report on what community grants Community Services gave out in the last intake.

This report is presented to us by Administration. Staff at Community Services approve or disapprove of the grants based on a number of criteria.

4/ Direct Control Districts

At the last committee of the whole, we had a conversation on dealing with Direct Control Districts, which are land use situations whereby Council is the Development Authority as opposed to staff. Tuesday we will discuss and give some direction on how we want to deal with those situations in the future.

5/ We are also being asked to deal with the Council Sponsorship Policy, which governs how Council provides funding to some events, usually charitable, in town.

I’ve never been a fan of the name. It isn’t Council’s money – it’s your money.

5/ Special Committee of the Whole

After Council we will have a special committee of the whole meeting to discuss the current Strategic Plan.

I will provide an update on the outcome and decisions made at the meeting after next week’s meeting.

You can download and review the agenda at https://www.morinville.ca/doc-library/council/council-regular-council-agenda-packages/2019-regular-council-agenda-packages/1529-2019-03-12-agenda-package/file

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