I’ve taken the AUMA Pledge

The Alberta Urban Municipalities Association expressed concerns about changes made to the Local Authorities Election Act that allows candidates not to disclose donors or spending until after the election. in April, 98 per cent of AUMA members endorsed including respect for other candidates in the creation of a candidate pledge, and 91 per cent of members indicated they would take it. 

From the AUMA website: 

“The Local Democracy Pledge (the Pledge) is a voluntary commitment that candidates can make to voters to uphold key democratic principles – ahead of Alberta’s 2021 municipal elections – to improve the quality and tone of political discourse. The Pledge promotes fair and transparent municipal elections, free from undue partisan or financial influences.”

I have committed tot his pledge during the election, and post my copy below:

Campaign Disclosure Update

As I committed to in making this pledge, I am disclosing my donors and spending this election.

My campaign was self-funded with two deposits of $1000 and $500 for a total budget of $1500. 

My friend Paul Smith filmed some interviews with people making testimonials and myself talking about my platform. He created my first campaign commercial and I used his footage to edit the testimonials. This work had a retail value of $1000 – which was an in-kind contribution from him. 


4X8 signs – previously purchased from Hunter’s Print & Copy. 

18 X 24 signs – previously purchased from Vista Print. 

2 cases of metal stakes for signs purchased from Hunters Print & Copy for $180

Door knocking cards purchased from Hunters Print & Copy for $160

One month display advertising on Morinville Online (Yes – I have to pay for it even though I own it) $400

Full-page colour ad in Free Press week of the election – $620

Bank charges on campaign account – $40 ($20 per month)

Total spending to date = $1400 plus tax

Total in-kind donation of services = $1000

Any surplus funds will be donated to Higher Grounds to be used in the community. 

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