Hey, Dafoe? What have you done for us lately?

A resident asked me on Facebook what I’ve brought forward or been involved in other the past eight years on Council.

The following is in no way a complete accounting of the last eight years on Council, but here are some examples of what I have done in terms of bringing new ideas or amendments to the table:

FINANCES: Amended policy reducing late penalty fees on taxes from 15% to 7.5% after June and from 18% down to 9% after December.

FINANCES: Amended policy to reduce pet licence renewals down to $10 per year.

FINANCES: Put forward a motion that Council is to receive financial reporting monthly as opposed to quarterly.

FINANCES: After losing $17,000 on a weekend fiddle festival, I requested an examination of cost recovery levels on family, children, and adult shows at the cultural centre. This examination led to a different and more successful approach on shows booked.

FINANCES: Requested hundreds of thousands in operational cuts to reduce operational deficits during budget debates over eight years. Others have done the same.

FINANCES: Motioned for a 5% rollback on council wages at the start of the pandemic – failed motion

FINANCES: One of three Council members on the Intermunicipal Collaborative Framework committee that negotiated Sturgeon County increasing their rec contribution to Morinville from about $250,000 per year to $750,000 per year.

FINANCES & SAFETY: Brought forward policy that restricted photo enforcement revenue to traffic, pedestrian and public safety initiatives. This has allowed the past two councils to put in solar lights around the trail system and lights on Cardiff road off the highway as well as funding the DARE program when it was still being done.

SAFETY: Brought forward policy that requires photo radar to spend 25% of the time in parks and school zones.

SAFETY: Advocated for traffic lights at 100 and Grandin – motion defeated twice.

SAFETY: When provincial dollars were available during COVID for projects that would not otherwise be done, I advocated for a list of safety items in addition to the recreational items presented. This led to my advocating for and successful debate to include curb extensions on 100 Avenue.

RED TAPE: Opposed and helped defeat Admin policy that would have had all utility bills in the trailer park fall on the land owner. I saw the policy as treating our residents as second-class citizens.

RED TAPE AND BUSINESS FRIENDLY: Motion to have Admin review the outdated and restrictive Coeur de Morinville Area Structure plan. This resulted in Council being able to give some direction that ultimately has made it easier for businesses in that area to do some things that help their business.

RED TAPE: Had the foresight to add cannabis retail to our land-use bylaw prior to forthcoming legalization so that development permits could be obtain although business licences could not.

RED TAPE: Defeated a specific cannabis bylaw by motioning to accept as information after it was determined the Town’s proposed bylaw contained nothing that was not already in provincial legislation or our existing bylaws (community standards).

TRANSPARENCY: Put forth and passed amendments to the procedural bylaw to remove CAO and Council Dialogue standing items from the closed session portion of meetings.

LEADERSHIP: As Northern Lights Library System Chair, led a 55-member board that helped transform the systems approach to providing value for our member libraries and municipalities.

LEADERSHIP: As Roseridge Chair, led a 6-member board that has worked hard to transform our level of service, revise our corporate bylaw, and do strategic planning for the first time in 15 years that put us in a good position to serve the region for the next 40 years.

LEADERSHIP: As Chair of the Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board’s Solid Waste Collaborative, I chaired a group of 13 solid waste experts that did ground work for regional collaboration on solid waste that was approved by the EMRB.

COMMUNITY: Brought forward Morinville First policy whereby our residents have first dibs on free event tickets before Sturgeon County residents.

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