Vision 3 – City Status?


With our last census putting Morinville over the 10,000 number, we can apply for city status. 

Knowing this milestone would arrive soon, I requested (in my first term) a report on the pros and cons of staying a town, becoming a city, or even becoming a specialized municipality with a neighbouring community. 

I will advocate for weighing all of our options and seeking your input before we decide on status.

But, I will tell you my initial thoughts. 

When the administration delivered the report I motioned for, it showed there were no substantial gains in terms of grants for jumping into becoming a city. A lot of grants are per capita – so increased population on a census results in increased dollars for Morinville. 

Specialized municipalities are interesting, and while some may see the notion of amalgamation as saving money on the number of CAOs or councillors, I have to ask how many mid-level managers would be needed if you are now managing 30,000 or 40,000 as opposed to 10,000?

Staying a town for a while longer does not hurt Morinville. In fact, it may draw more residents here who are looking for a little slower pace than in the nearby cities. 

All of this said I am entirely open to having a community discussion on all of the options, and we need to look at all of the options, which is why I requested that report more than five years ago. 

Foresight is an important part of this job. 

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