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Election wrap up and thoughts

I’ve always felt the best campaign is to do the work you were elected to do every day throughout the four-year term.
I believed this when first elected, which is why I promised commitment, communication and common sense.
That work led to you rewarding me with a second term and Monday night giving me the responsibility of working for you for a third term.
I am thrilled to still have the support, and I do not take it lightly.
To those who voted for me, thank you for the continued trust. For those who did not, I hope to create or restore that trust.
As I wind my way closer to retirement over the next four years, I promise an even greater level of commitment to this community and this region as more time frees up.
We have some new blood on Council, candidates who worked hard pounding on doors and talking to residents. Maurice, Ray and Jenn will be great additions to Council, and I look forward to working with you.
To returning incumbents Scott and Rebecca – congratulations. It is up to us to help get the new faces up to speed.
For those new candidates who did not get in, thank you for not only running solid campaigns but the camaraderie on the campaign trail.
Erin and Alan, it was great to get to know you better. Wayne, your love of community, is something I’ve always admired. Hockeyville and bringing us the Kings are both important things in my books.
Sarah, your heart for this community is large, and I am sure we will work together again somewhere. Thank you for your service over the last four years and particularly on Homeland Housing and transit.
Nicole, your heart for the community is also large, and 11-years of service to your Town is something you and I know is a significant commitment and something you can be proud of. Remember our commitment to each other to get together for a drink or two.
I spoke with mayor-elect Simon Boersma on election night to congratulate him, and already the next day he was getting the ball rolling to capture what we heard on the campaign and to discuss what appointments we will all take on for committees.
Thanks for being willing to listen to your team’s input.
To outgoing Mayor Barry Turner, the last two years were not easy for you and me in terms of our relationship. No matter the differences or the debates, I know you were doing what you felt best for the Town you have called home for many years. I hope you feel the same.
To Shane Ladouceur – thank you for putting your name forward also. I would offer an older man’s wisdom. Spend some time over the next four years learning more about this community and put your name forward for Council. No spot better prepares one for the mayor’s chair than four years on the side wings.
There is excitement in the air from people I’ve spoken to. Change, small or large, can do that.
I look forward to next Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony so I can be ready for the next four years of being sworn at. 😉

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