Directory & Resources

As a member of Council, I am always happy to help residents in any way that I can.

However, I am often just a middle man – taking your info to Town staff – and then back to you.

It is always quicker for you to contact the staff directly.

Below are links to the Town website pages where the contact info can be found.

Bylaw Enforcement

This one is pretty obvious. Our Community Peace Officers are who you need to contact when your neighbour’s dog is barking or you want to know if something is allowed or not in town.

You can access Town of Morinville Bylaw Enforcement Information HERE.

Public Works

Questions on snow removal, waste and recycling, road repairs, parks and other stuff are handled by our great team at Public Works.

You can access Town of Morinville Public Works Information HERE.

If it is an EMERGENCY – call the after hours number at 780-965-0994

Community Services

Community programs, sports programs, arena rentals, soft services, and the cultural centre all fall under community services.

You can access Town of Morinville Community Services Information HERE.

Planning & Economic Development

Business licences, development permits, starting a new business and wanting advice, are all things covered by these departments.

You can access Town of Morinville Planning & Economic Development HERE.

Corporate & Finance Department

Taxes and the like are handled by this department.

You can access Town of Morinville Corporate & Finance Department HERE.

Office Of The CAO

Council has one employee. This is it. This is how you can get in touch with our Chief Administrative Officer.

You can access Town of Morinville CAO’s office HERE.

Roseridge Landfill

Roseridge is run by a partnership between Morinville, Bon Accord, Gibbons, Legal, Redwater, and Sturgeon County. This is where your solid waste and organics go.

You can access Roseridge Landfill information HERE.