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Cannabis in Morinville

On Oct. 9 Council decided 4-3 to go with the province’s rules on cannabis consumption.

Yes, I know, a few weeks before Council voted 4-3 to bring a bylaw forward.

The administration did bring a bylaw forward and it was a good one, in my opinion. It allowed residents to consume a legal product. However, it was not very different than what the province’s cannabis rules were.

So, I made a motion to accept the bylaw as info only and to review the idea of a bylaw if needed down the road. Councillor Hall asked to amend that motion to review the idea of a bylaw within a year. I like when we can collaborate on motions like that.

Our motion to not have a bylaw passed narrowly – 4-3.

So as of Oct. 17, when cannabis is legal, here is what you need to know.


We are using the provincial rules, which means:

1/ No cannabis consumption where you cannot smoke tobacco

Below is info from the Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act

Smoking prohibited
3 Subject to section 5, no person shall smoke
(a) in a public place,
(b) in a workplace,
(b.1) in a vehicle in which a minor is present,
(c) in a public vehicle, or
(d) within a prescribed distance from a doorway, window or air intake of a public place or workplace.

– Source Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act

2/ Here are the other places you can’t smoke or vape cannabis.

Within 5-metres of …

– a playground
– a sports or playing field
– a skateboard or bicycle park
– a zoo
– an outdoor theatre
– an outdoor pool or splash pad

You can’t smoke in any motor vehicle except those being used as temporary residences, such as parked RVs

You also won’t be able to consume cannabis at any cannabis retail outlets, but those outlets will tell you that.

– Source https://www.alberta.ca/cannabis-framework.aspx#p6241s4


The federal government allows adults to grow up to 4 plants per household, so long as the seeds are bought from licensed cannabis retailers.

Renters, condo-dwellers and those who live in multi-family dwellings may not be allowed to grow cannabis in their homes based on rules in rental agreements or condominium bylaws.

– Source https://www.alberta.ca/cannabis-framework.aspx#p6241s4


Long before Council debated a consumption bylaw, we debated whether or not you could have a cannabis store here.

That passed some time back, which means anyone who wanted to open a cannabis shop in town could, so long as they met the provincial requirements.

On legalization day, there will be no shops in Morinville, but that is not due to the town.

As I learned at a recent Chamber luncheon, there are two potential shops for Morinville in the works.

Whether or not they will open, is not something Council would be involved in.

Disclaimer: Views Expressed On This Website Are Purely Those Of Councillor Stephen Dafoe.

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