About Dafoe

About me

I’m a 15-year resident of Morinville, a local business owner, and I am seeking your support to WORK FOR YOU for four more years


For the past eight years, I have worked hard to ensure your questions have been answered and your concerns brought forward to Town Council. Commitment to the role, communication with my fellow residents and using common sense at the council table has been my priority and my method of operation.

Although the role of councillor requires a collaborative work relationship with the mayor, council and administration, I do not work for the mayor, council or administration. I work for you. That has been my focus and will continue to be my focus over the next four years.

In Politics But Not A Politician

Anyone who is connected with me on social media has heard me say the following: “There are two kinds of politicians – career politicians and masochists who want to make a difference in their communities. One stays too long, the other not nearly long enough.”

The truth is, I’ve never considered myself a politician. I’ve never liked it when people refer to me as Councillor Dafoe. I did not run in 2013 or in 2017 for the title. I ran because since moving here in 2006, I have been involved in the community as a volunteer, as a promoter of the community, and as an advocate for shopping local. I wanted to do more. 

I’ve often said, you cannot do council from your kitchen table. Sure, that’s often where the long agendas get read, but the real work is boots on the ground talking to residents, business owners, community groups, and all who are involved in making things happen in Morinville and the region.

If re-elected to a third term, I will bring that same level of commitment to the table and the same level of passion when debating on the issues before us.

Proven Leadership

In addition to my role on Morinville Town Council, I have served the community through my appointments to various regional, subregional and local committees.  

On several of these committees and boards, I was selected to be chair. I have brought the same dedication to those appointments as I have to my position as councillor. 

• Chair Morinville Community Library (pre-council)

• Chair Northern Lights Library System

• Chair Roseridge Waste Management Commission

• Chair Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Board Solid Waste Collaborative